What’s new in Minecraft 1.20.2: Villager trading changes

The upcoming Minecraft 1.20.2 has caused a large controversy online due to some of its changes. The most controversial change: villagers’ trades now depend on what biome they’re in. This article will cover all you need to know before the upcoming release, which will likely come out in mid to late September.

New trading system

Minecraft 1.20.2 will introduce a new trading system. Its job is to rebalance the trading system, but many players see it as an unnecessary and unfair change. Villagers will now trade items based on the biome they are associated with. For a villager to be associated with a biome, they must be bred in that biome, or a zombie villager must have been cured there. This means a villager in a plains biome will offer different trades to a villager in a taiga biome. This only applies to enchanted books and no other items, but the main reason people trade with villagers is to get enchanted books. As part of this update, villagers will no longer sell books for crossbows, fishing rods or tridents. The table below details what books a villager from each biome will trade:

Maxed out (Villager has full XP)Protection IIIMendingFortune IIUnbreaking IIEfficiency IIISilk TouchSharpness III

Bane of Arthropods

Curse of Vanishing

Depth Strider

Blast Protection

Fire Aspect

Projectile Protection


Feather Falling
Fire Protection


Aqua Affinity


Frost Walker

Sweeping Edge

Curse of Binding

The problem with this new change is that villagers do not naturally spawn in swamps or in jungles. This means you must breed new villagers in these biomes, or cure a zombie villager in this biome. This is easier said than done as there is no straightforward way to transport villagers in Minecraft, especially if you are transporting them far away. The good news is that this change is experimental and is opt-in for 1.20.2, by default, villager trading will continue to work the old way. Hopefully, due to the backlash Mojang has received from this proposed change, they will reverse it.

Other changes

There are also more, smaller changes to note:

  • The discount for curing a zombie villager now only applies once
  • Bees can collect pollen from chorus flowers and spore blossoms
  • Chorus fruits reset fall distance when eaten
  • A new /random command for adjusting the likelihood of random events

There have also been technical changes to make the Minecraft server protocol more efficient and reliable. For a complete list of all changes visit the Minecraft Wiki.

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