The Minecraft Wiki has officially moved from Fandom

The official Minecraft Wiki has completed its migration off Fandom. You can find the new wiki at The Minecraft Wiki has been discussing moving away from Fandom for several months. Users and admins alike have discussed their issues with Fandom, as a platform and a company. Weird Gloop, which hosts the new wiki, has plenty of experience hosting wikis, as they also host the Runscape Wiki.

Why has this happened?

Fandom has hosted the Minecraft Wiki since 2009. At the time, Fandom was an adored platform by its users. Fandom provides a place for communities to host wikis. They use MediaWiki, the open-source software, developed by the Wikipedia team. Fandom would handle all the technical stuff, and all they wanted in return was some slight Fandom branding, and a cut of ad revenue.

Since acquiring Fandom, investors have been pressuring it to become profitable. This meant that the company made some decisions that would be controversial among its users; including an increase in Fandom branding, and the number of ads they would place on your wiki.

The Minecraft Wiki team and its users have become increasingly unhappy with the Fandom platform, and have decided to leave.

Why is this a good thing?

The move away from Fandom is a fantastic thing for the wiki’s maintainers and users. The new wiki is faster, easier to use, provides more flexibility, and does not have an unbearable number of ads, unlike Fandom. The Minecraft Wiki team were not alone in this journey, Weird Gloop, the new Wiki host, have helped the team leave Fandom, but unlike Fandom, they will allow the Wiki’s maintainers creative freedom.

Why is the Fandom Wiki still available?

Fandom technically owns the Minecraft Wiki, which means they are continuing to run it. Fandom provided little support to the wiki, and the maintainers were responsible for most of its content. This means that Fandom still own the Wiki, and its content, and are going to directly compete with their old maintainers, and their new Wiki.

The Minecraft Wiki team faced a challenge by moving away from Fandom, SEO. Fandom do an exceptional job of optimizing their site to appear higher in search results. This meaning the new Minecraft Wiki would have to compete in search results with its older content, which was likely written by the same people. Fortunately, Weird Gloop know a thing or two about beating Fandom at their own game, as they faced this exact problem when the Roonscape Wiki left Fandom.

I’ve noticed that the new Minecraft Wiki is still not currently outranking the Fandom Wiki. I would expect this, though, due to the maturity and popularity of the Fandom wiki, which search engines consider, when they rank websites.

Overall, this move is great for the Minecraft Wiki and its users, and I wish the maintainers the best of luck!







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