Sony announces new, smaller, more efficient PlayStation 5 models

Sony has announced two new PlayStation 5 models. The new models are just as powerful as the previous model but are now 30% smaller. Similarly, to the previous model, there is an all-digital model, and a regular model that features a disk drive. Aesthetically, not much has changed. You can purchase the new models at the same price as the previous model. They retail for €549.99 with a disk drive, and €449.99 in Europe. In America they will cost $499.99 and $449.99, respectively. Sony have priced the new models identically to the previous model. They will be available in November.

New PS5 with disk drive (right) and without (left)
New PS5 with disk drive (left) and without (right)

Detachable, upgradable disk drive

The biggest change to the new model is the detachable disk drive. If you purchase an all-digital model and regret it, or if you no longer want a disk drive, you can replace the disk drive with a flat side panel, or vice versa. The disk drive is available for €119.99 in Europe, or $79.99 in America. This provides much more flexibility, especially to people who want to purchase the digital model but fear they might want a disk drive in the future. It’s still cheaper to purchase the model with a disk drive, but at least you don’t have to purchase an entirely new console if you change your mind after.

New covers

Covers designed for the previous model will not work with the new model. Sony have announced new covers which will be available in 2024. The covers will be available in Matte Black, Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver. They’ll start at €54.99 in Europe, and $54.99 in America. They have not announced any themed covers, such as the Spider-Man cover available for the previous model, although it’s likely they will come later.

Participating retailers will sell the new model starting in November, once stock of the previous model has been sold.







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