Euro Truck Simulator 2 Starter Guide 2023

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a great game, with a surprising amount of depth, while said depth provides many hours of enjoyable content, it can also make the game quite daunting to get into. This guide will aim to get you comfortable with the basics of the game and after reading this guide, you should know about the different types of jobs you can do, how to buy a truck, and how to hire employees.

Getting started

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS) will ask you to create a profile when you first load into it. You can complete this straightforward process in a few minutes. After you complete the previous step, ETS will prompt you to select a location for your garage. You can pick any location you would like, as you will be able to purchase more garages in the future. However, it is likely you won’t have the money for this in your first few hours of gameplay. I would recommend picking a location somewhere in Germany to start, as it is the center of the map, so you will be able to travel around the map with relative ease. Once you have chosen a location, you will be shown a short cutscene that will show off your garage, but it will be quite small, and can only hold one truck meaning drivers can’t be employed at that garage. However, it can be upgraded in the future. After this you will be loaded into a tutorial job and taught the basic mechanics of the game.

Starting Jobs and Buying your First Truck

Once you have completed the tutorial, you will be loaded into the game’s pause menu, and there will be a variety of options to choose from. This is where some people may be overwhelmed by all the options on screen. You should press on the job market icon along the bottom of your screen. This will bring up a menu that prompts you to choose from a variety of job types. As you do not start the game with a truck of your own, only quick jobs will be available to you. You should keep doing these over the course of a few hours to level up and earn money. You should sort the jobs by profit down, this will show the highest paying jobs at the top of the list. If you want to speed up the process of getting your first truck, you can take out a loan of up to €400,000 after completing a few quick jobs. However, if you decide to take out a loan, you will have to make daily repayments of varying amounts, depending on the size of your loan. The loan repayments will automatically be taken out of your account, so you may go into debt if you do not make enough money to cover the loan payments.

Once you have a decent amount of money, you can buy a truck. I would recommend the Iveco Stralis as your first truck, as it is the cheapest in the game, with a price of €96,000. Later on, you will need a better truck. However, this truck will get you through some of your own jobs, which tend to pay out more than quick jobs, and can be given to another driver later on, when you are hiring them. You can now start jobs using your own truck, by choosing the freight market option, the jobs you use your own truck for will usually pay out more than quick jobs.

Skill Points

Skill Tree

Each time you level up, you will be prompted to allocate a skill point to different skills. The most important skill to allocate points to first, is long distance, as you are paid more the longer a job is. You should also try to put at least one point in each of the following: high value cargo, fragile cargo and Just in Time deliveries, this is very beneficial, as it opens up many different jobs to you at an early stage. These will often stack on the same job, which will give you a large payout.

Buying a Second Garage and Hiring Drivers

The final mechanics that I will cover in this guide are how to purchase a second garage, and how to hire drivers who will automatically complete jobs. In order to hire drivers, you will need more garage space. While you can upgrade your starting garage, I do not recommend this, as your garage will then have 3 spaces for drivers, including you. Instead, you can purchase a second garage for the same price as upgrading your initial one, and that garage will also have 3 spaces, leaving you with a total of 4 spaces for drivers. You should keep in mind that you will take up one of the driver slots.

When you’re hiring drivers, drivers with the lowest cost per delivery are the best to hire. This is because they will level up over time, and you can allocate skill points as they level up. You can do this by selecting what skills you want the driver to focus on in the driver manager menu. This means any skill points they earn, will be automatically allocated to that skill. The skill they are focusing on can be changed at any time through the driver manager menu, as long as you have given your driver a truck. This can be done after hiring a driver, which can also be done in the driver manager menu.


Hopefully this article has helped you understand the basics of Euro Truck Simulator 2. You should now be able to enjoy your playthrough without any confusion.




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