Intel announces new 14th Gen CPUs

Intel have announced their latest generation of CPUs. The Core i9 14900K is still the best Intel has to offer. Just like the last generation, it has 24 cores and 32 threads, making it a monster for about any task. Intel has still yet to compete with AMD’s new flagship technology, 3D V-Cache. 3D V-Cache has allowed AMD to absolutely dominate when it comes to gaming performance.

This generation is nothing remarkable. Intel have expectedly made minor improvements over the last generation. The Core i9 14900K has not received a core count bump, rather a core frequency bump, now running at 6 GHz. The Core i9 14900K is effectively a 13900K, factory overclocked. Every CPU in the lineup still features Intel’s new performance (P) and efficiency (E) cores that allow the CPU to offload simple tasks to more efficient cores.

Intel has updated the Core i7 14700K

The biggest change is the new Core i7 14700K. Now, it features 20 cores and 28 threads due to Intel including an additional 4 E cores. This makes the already quite excellent value proposition of the Core i7 14700K even stronger. This will make the chip even better for gaming and content creation, especially if you are a heavy multitasker.

Intel is still using the same LGA 1700 sockets as the previous generations, and they are continuing to support DDR5, as well as DDR4 memory. 14th Gen CPUs will work in existing 13th Gen motherboards.


Intel’s benchmarks show a moderate performance lead in Starfield, CS:GO and Total War: WARHAMMER II over the Ryzen 9 7950X3D, and the previous 13th Generation. Intel shows the Ryzen 9 as leading the pack in Horizon Zero Dawn, and an effective tie in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. As with any manufacturer-provided data, Intel cherry-picks the figures to make the product look its absolute best, but the performance figures are impressive.

Intel provided performance graph
Intel provided performance graph

Despite the unremarkable announcement, Intel’s 14th gen lineup is still a fantastic value and should compete well with AMD’s latest lineup. Regardless of if you plan to buy one, competition in the market benefits everyone, and the CPU market hasn’t been this competitive in a long time.



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