Valve to reverse bans for AMD users in Counter-Strike 2

Valve will reverse bans on accounts that were affected by an issue in AMD’s GPU driver. A feature called Anti-Lag+ was to blame for the bans. The feature tries to reduce lag in game by implementing optimizations at the game level. It does this by modifying game runtime files during execution. While the feature itself is not a form of cheats, it can trigger Anti-Cheat software designed to check for changes to game files during execution. Counter-Strike 2’s Anti-Cheat system banned players using Anti-Lag+ from playing the game.

What is Anti-Lag+?

Anti-Lag+ is a feature of AMD GPUs that allows them to keep better timing with the CPU. This feature prevents the CPU from becoming overworked and surpassing the GPU, resulting in reduced latency and improved frame pacing. The feature is like Nvidia’s Reflex technology. The crucial difference between the two, is that Anti-Lag+ is implemented at the driver level by AMD, while Reflex is implemented by the game developer. This means that Nvidia Reflex is much less likely to trigger Anti-Cheat software.

What has Valve done to fix this?

Valve has reversed all bans triggered by this feature. Valve has also introduced a new error that notifies the user if they have Anti-Lag+ enabled before the game starts, thereby preventing any potential bans. Users expressed their frustration with Valve’s delay in addressing the situation, as the people affected by this issue have been unable to play Counter-Strike 2 for over a week. All this comes as Valve have been experiencing backlash due to what some see as the disappointing and lackluster release of Counter-Strike 2.

A disappointing game release

Counter-Strike 2 has received serious backlash online for being a disappointing game release. The game features several new features such as a new sub-tick architecture that helps improve latency. The game also features improved graphics. Valve has also removed several game modes and several maps. Many users feel that this was an unnecessary upgrade over the original game, especially if they are going to remove features.



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