Fortnite Festival Review: A welcome change to the game

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Fortnite Festival is Epic’s newest attempt to diversify their game. Harmonix, the developer of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, developed Fortnite Festival. Fortnite Festival has provided a welcome change to the game. Its connection to the Rock Band and Guitar Hero series of games is clear from the moment you start it. That’s not a bad thing. Rock Band and Guitar Hero are great games which have died off in recent years.

Pros (+)Cons (-)
Great gameplay
Intuitive mechanics
Really fun
Free to play
Diverse selection of songs
Nice multiplayer options
Additional songs are expensive
No hardware support (Yet)
Song catalogue is quite small
Complicated for inexperienced players


Fortnite Festival’s gameplay is very similar to Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Notes fall from the top of the screen in four or five different “channels”. You then use buttons on their controller or keyboard to play those notes. You can play either lead, drums, vocals, or bass. You can choose between easy, medium, hard, or expert difficulty. The real difficulty of an instrument depends on the song. I found the gameplay mechanics to be fairly easy to learn and great fun.

Trying to get used to the mechanics can be challenging. You are just thrown into the game. I think Epic should work on a tutorial stage to help players, especially ones that have not played Guitar Hero or Rock Band, get used to the game’s mechanics.

Song Catalogue

Fortnite Festival has a diverse song catalogue. There’s a very good chance you’ll find a song you like. I personally like playing Go with the Flow by Queens of the Stone Age and Zombie by The Cranberries. There is a selection of free songs that changes every day. You can also purchase additional songs that you can play whenever you want. If someone in your party owns a song, then you can play it too. I’m content with the song catalogue although I’d love to see some more rock songs added.


You can play Fortnite Festival with three other people. The multiplayer is quite fun. Each person can add one song and choose an instrument to play. You can play the same instrument if you want. The other players in your party can’t hear if you miss a note. At the end of the set, you get a band score based on your party member’s score.

Hardware Support

Fortnite Festival does not support instrument hardware right now. If you’ve ever played Rock Band or Guitar Hero, then you’ll remember that you can buy guitars, microphones and drum sets to help increase immersion. While Fortnite doesn’t support hardware now, they have announced that they will be adding hardware support in 2024.


Fortnite Festival is a game mode I never expected Epic Games to add to Fortnite, but I love that they did. The game mode is fun and entertaining and has a diverse selection of songs. I think they should add more songs as well as a tutorial step for inexperienced players, but overall, I was really impressed with the game mode and Epic Games seem committed to its development.







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